Shark Attacks Beach Goers

How to Avoid An Attack
• Stay away from the mouths of rivers after heavy rains, when freshwater fishes and other animals are swept out to sea.

• Swim clear of fishing boats. They often trail fish remains and blood, which can draw sharks.

• If you’re bleeding, including menstruating, stay on the beach. Sharks can smell and taste even the smallest amount of blood from over a mile (1.6 kilometers) away and trace it back to its source.

• Stay out of the water if fish blood or baitfish are present. In other words, steer clear of fishers.

• Avoid large groups of fish, seals, or sea lions. They all are prominent on the shark’s menu.

• Stay away if you see large groups of dolphins and seabirds. They are attracted to the same food sharks eat. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that if dolphins are present, there won’t be any sharks around. Dolphins can be prey for large sharks.

• Stay away from dead animals in the water.

• Avoid areas where animal, human, or fish waste enter the water. Sewage attracts baitfish, which in turn attract sharks.

• Stay out of the water at dawn, dusk, and night, when some species of sharks may move inshore to feed on fish. Sharks are well equipped to locate prey even when visibility is poor.

• Avoid murky waters, harbor entrances, channels, and steep drop-offs. These areas are frequented by sharks.

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