10 Dog Selfies to Start Your Day

Listen up, dogs of the world: You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to take a stunning selfie. In fact, you don’t even need opposable thumbs.

Meet our dog selfie heroes. These handsome hounds turned the camera on themselves to capture their proudest, silliest, and strangest moments. Enjoy! (Bonus: Discover a camera built especially for dogs that’ll turn your dog into the next Ansel Adams.)

“I made this” – Dog, probably

Dog Selfie

These Peekaboo Chihuahuas

Via Reddit user Gingersnaps02

Probably not the best angle tho….

My dog Sadie takin

No shame

My sisters dog took a selfie!

Check out my crib

Dog selfie

The pretend you’re sleeping selfie

Dog takes a selfie

The smize

Dog smize selfie

Squad Selfie

BFF Selfie

New tinder profile selfie






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